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Our Sandstone flags vary in shape and size and create an original unique finish to any project. All of these products are suitable for both internal and external use.

We provide the flagstone per pallet or loose load on request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use flagstone internally and/or externally?2018-01-22T23:18:36+00:00

Yes flagstone can be used for both.

How to Clean stone?2018-01-22T23:20:47+00:00

Water and some elbow grease!!!! If that fails try a gentle mixture of water and bleach and stiff brush.

Do you deliver?2018-01-22T23:17:07+00:00


How much waste should I expect on a pallet?2018-01-22T23:16:25+00:00

No waste – all our pallets are hand packed and graded at our production site.

Do you sell stone in a bag?2018-01-22T23:14:40+00:00


How is stone packaged?2018-01-22T23:15:45+00:00

We supply stone on a standard pallet wrapped and strapped.

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