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Project Description

Building Stone Overview

The beauty of using Leitrim sandstone as a building stone is that you can also have the architectural work done for your house or wall in sandstone. Leitrim Stone is a truly distinctive natural sandstone has been associated with quality stone. The unique blend of colour tones in the stone makes it distinct from other available natural stones. Its impressive physical and decorative properties make it uniquely suitable for both internal and external applications.

We provide the building stone in pallets or loose loads on request. Each pallet holds 7sq metres of stone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean stone?2018-01-22T23:20:47+00:00

Water and some elbow grease!!!! If that fails try a gentle mixture of water and bleach and stiff brush.

Do you supply small quantities of stone? 2018-01-22T23:09:08+00:00

Yes we supply any quantity you require.

Can you provide once off cuttings of stone?2018-01-22T23:08:29+00:00

Yes we will work with you to meet any requirements you have.

Do you deliver?2018-01-22T23:17:07+00:00


How much waste should I expect on a pallet?2018-01-22T23:16:25+00:00

No waste – all our pallets are hand packed and graded at our production site.

What weight is a pallet of stone?2018-01-22T23:05:07+00:00

1.5tonne approx

How many Sq metres per pallet?2018-01-22T23:04:28+00:00

7sq metres on each pallet

Do you sell stone in a bag?2018-01-22T23:14:40+00:00


How is stone packaged?2018-01-22T23:15:45+00:00

We supply stone on a standard pallet wrapped and strapped.

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